My research focuses on three major themes:

1) adolescent development in the context of the criminal justice system. I am interested in how young people make legal decisions, peer and familial influences on youths' legal and antisocial decision-making, and long-term outcomes of justice-involved youth.

2) adolescent and young adult risk-taking behaviour. I study the development and progression of risky decision-making, particularly in the context of social and emotional influences on risk-taking behaviour.

3) adolescent and young adult wellbeing. I am interested in how adolescents form and maintain social groups and the significance of peers and social groups on deviant and health-compromising behaviour (e.g. mental health, adjustment, non-suicidal self-injury, media use, etc.)

My teaching focuses on:

Writing in psychology and effective writing pedagogy. I have a background in teaching writing to undergraduate and graduate students across multiple disciplines, including English as a Second/Additional Language learners and mature students. I have also taught courses in forensic psychology, research methods, and developmental science.